The Booster Bag Scam

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For all you guys and girls who frequent crowded areas with a bag,  you should watch this video,  it shows what tricks todays thief’s are up too.  Modern tools and tricks play a big part in a pick pockets life now,  this video is especially helpful for woman with purses.
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Dude Asks About Pricing For Wax Hair Removal


A nice undercover camera catches this dude asking about pricing for was hair removal,  it’s a pretty funny ending when he asks to have his balls waxed.
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Low Jet Pass on Civilian Road


Imagine driving down the road and a fighter jet passes by about 15 feet above your head coming from the opposite direction.  That’s what happens in this video.  I wonder why they had the camera going ?  Maybe this type of thing happens a lot in Russia.
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Greatest Card Trick Ever

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Randy Johnson Hits A Bird

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This is one of those freak occurrences that you tend to see once in a while and you can’t believe your eyes.  Pitching great Randy Johnson accidentally hits a bird with a pitch during a game.  If you don’t know Randy Johnson he was one of the best pitchers in the game with an extremely fast...
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Well I think it’s safe to say this is one swimming pool party that I am glad I didn’t attend.  Nothing really happens here,  I just posted it cause it just seemed like a wacked out crazy place.  Who invited the gorilla?
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Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow

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This was one of the most popular videos of 2010 so my website wouldn’t be complete without it.  The double rainbow guy!  This guy was hiking in Yosemite and came across a  double rainbow.  His level excitement is incredible leaving many to specilate he was on some sort of drug,  he claims that he was sober...
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