Slip and Fly – Amazing Waterslide Jump!

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Alright,  my vote on this video is that it’s fake,  but I think it’s really cool regardless.  Made me laugh out loud the first time I watched it.  I like in the beginning how they have just two guys with small buckets to wet things thing down.  Like that would do the trick.
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Jetman Over Rio

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This is unreal!  A video of Yves Rossy aka “Jetman”  flying through Rio on his jetpack.  This guy must be a real daredevil.  Even if i had access to a jetpack I would never be able to do something like this,  but a part of me wishes I could .
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Jetski Load Up In Van Fail

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If you ever wanted to learn the wrong way to get a jet ski out of the water,  this is it.  They back a van into the water and try to drive it in.  It’s hilarious,  but they are lucky no one got hurt.
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Flyboard Family Official

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This is truly awesome!  I have got to get me one of these things.  They really look like they are flying out there.  My favorite thing is watching them swim like dolphins.  I really hope these Flyboards are available to the general public someday.
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People Are Awesome 2011


These are some really cool highlights from 2011 of amazing stunts and other things people have done.  At 24 seconds a baseball player getting interviewed on the sidelines makes an amazing catch to save the reporter from getting hit.  I am really in awe with how quickly he was able to respond.
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