The Greatest Pass in Automotive History

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.37.49 AM

Car insurance companies must ban this guy. I can’t believe after he survived that crazy pass without any damage whatsoever he goes on to try and pass another guy. Seriously car insurance companies should never insure someone like this, how did he end up in that position anyway? Seems like he was driving at...
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“The Knife Song”

weight loss by finger

Oh Man!! Looking for a way to lose weight? Try this, I think a finger must weight at least a pound hahaha. This was actually hard to watch, I han’t believe he was able to do this so quickly! Very impressive, though I must warn you this was a mental workout to watch!
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Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever

top 10 jumps

These are the top 10 biggest and best jumps ever,  it’s a compilation video of a series of stunts including motorcycle, skydiving, and just a bunch of crazy things that normal people would never think to do.   I was seriously cringing in my seat when the one guy is jumping from building to...
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Tricycles For Adults – Trike Drifting


I want to do this so bad! Tricycles For Adults or “Tike Drifting” as they call it.  How do you get one of these things?  This is a really cool video of a bunch of dudes who build big wheels for adults and rode them through hills and were being towed by a van...
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Bike Riding On Satellite Dishes


Vasya Lukyanenko who is a professional biker takes his talents to these crazy looking satellite dishes was above sea level.  This guy is crazy to do this that high in the air but it’s pretty cool to watch.  I give him credit for giving it a shot,  must have been fun for him.
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The Ultimate Fails Compilation


The Ultimate Fails Compilation video is a hilarious bunch of short videos showing people doing stupid stuff.  This will have you laughing for sure,  at the very least it’s a good way to help kill this Friday afternoon.
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Dangerous Boeing 747 Landing At St Marteen


One of the worlds most interesting airports in St Marteen frequently has planes coming extremely close to the beach where people are vacationing.  People come from all over to check it out.  During takeoff people try to hold on to the fence to try and withstand the extreme gusts from the jet engine.
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Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 4.08.22 PM

In this video Martyn Ashton takes his road bike through the UK and shows some really cool tricks.  The bike he is riding probably cost several thousand dollars,  at least he knows how to handle it.
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The Ascent of Alex Honnold

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 3.49.47 PM

Great piece from 60 minutes about a rock climber who doesn’t use any ropes or tools.  Just watching this made me feel queasy,  the guy must be crazy.  I hope he is still alive 10 years from now.  Having rock climbed before I can tell you how hard it is.  Can’t believe someone would do...
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Crazy Slip N Slide Jump

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 9.28.40 PM

The former lifeguard in me is cringing with this video,  but the former teenager in me thinks it’s awesome.  Some of the flips these guys do after the jump is pretty impressive.
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