The World’s Strongest Child

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I didn’t even know children had weight lifting competitions until I saw this video.  I hope for the kids sake that no harm can be done from weight lifting.  Although how much more dangerous could it be from Football or Hockey?  I’m not a doctor,  who knows.  Either way,  interesting video…
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Amazing 11 year old athlete

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WOW!  This kid is talented.  This is a video of a basketball prodigy. He is only 11 years old but seems like he is ready for college.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kid in the NBA at age 18. A real talent.
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Amazing Ball girl catch

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I have to admit I was originally a bit skeptical if this was real,  but after doing some research I am more convinced.  Hard to believe a young ball girl would even attempt to make a catch like this in the middle of a game.  She should be playing for the Yankees!
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Flyboard Family Official

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This is truly awesome!  I have got to get me one of these things.  They really look like they are flying out there.  My favorite thing is watching them swim like dolphins.  I really hope these Flyboards are available to the general public someday.
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Amazing Catch


This is one of the best catches I have seen in a while at any level of football.  One handed and off balance,  that takes serious skills.  This took place in a college game a few years ago and I always remembered it.
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