Hundreds Protest Obama’s Visit To South Africa

Obama and Daughter

While president Obama visits south africa hundreds begin to protest the visit! He is set to make several stops in their major cities. It’s a very complicated time due to the illness of Nelson Mandela and The Friction between the United States and South Africa have with each other. Demonstrators are expected to be...
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Debate: Biden vs. Biden

Biden Vs. Biden

Here is a humours Biden vs. Biden debate as someone cleverly pulls a few clips of his and puts him against himself.   I wouldn’t say this is overly political or anti-biden but it is cleverly done.  The part where he asks a guy in a wheelchair to stand up is pretty bad though,...
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Fiscal Cliff | The Simpsons


A funny take on the fiscal cliff from the Simpsons.  This short clip is of Mr. Burns explaining how the upcoming fiscal cliff will be effecting rich people.
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Must See Hilarious George Bush Bloopers!

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 2.56.33 PM

I wasn’t gonna post this cause I don’t want to get all political on this site.  But if you can put your political affiliation aside while you watch this,  these are some pretty epic flubs for former president.  I can’t see why people get on his case but when you speak in public that much...
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