Stephen Hawking – The Universe is BIG

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I always love these shots panning out from earth showing how huge the universe is.  It makes you really think about how much is going on out there that we don’t know about.  It’s certainly a magical place.
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Project Yosemite HD

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I liked this video from “Project Yosemite” I found on youtube.  For you nature lovers and it really shows some beautiful scenery.  I especially love the star scene at the end,  make you realize how big the universe is.
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Most Incredible Volcano Footage Ever

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This is a really cool video just showing a close up of an active volcano.  The people in the video must be some geologists or something,  they are crazy,  you wouldn’t catch me within an hour of that thing.  Must be pretty spectacular to see this up close though.
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A Toy Train in Space

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This is a really cool video of a dad who attaches his sons toy train to a weather ballon and sends it to space.  I would have thought this is the coolest thing ever when I was a kid.  Eventually the balloon bursts and they are able to retrieve the train.  I’m sure they...
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Beautiful Nature Scenery

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This is a video of some really nice scenery from around the world.  It the rat race of life sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate how beautiful the world can be.
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